Peptide Therapy

offered in Carmel, IN and Pensacola, FL

Peptide therapy can transform how you feel as you age, addressing changes like low muscle mass, low libido, and lax skin. At Titan Wellness Center in Carmel, Indiana, Conrad Crawford, PA-C, and the team use multiple beneficial peptides to build your individualized and holistic wellness plan. Call Titan Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online for more information on peptides today.

Peptide Therapy Q & A

What is peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy is a customizable therapeutic treatment to improve your health and wellness. The team at Titan Wellness Center first evaluates your health and may use blood tests to check your hormones before providing care. They can then make individualized recommendations of beneficial peptides to use in treatment. 


Peptides are amino acids naturally found in your body that play critical roles in cell signaling processes. Peptide therapy increases your peptides to improve overall wellness and function. 

What are the possible benefits of peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy can improve your health and wellness in various ways, depending on your reasons for getting peptide therapy and your treatment goals. 


During your consultation at Titan Wellness Center, you can bring up any recent symptoms or concerns that might improve with peptide therapy or other professional services. 

Which types of peptide therapy can I get?

Titan Wellness Center uses many peptides in customizable peptide therapy for men. After reviewing your symptoms and medical history, the team might recommend peptide therapy with:


This peptide protects your digestive system from damage and infection. When you take it in peptide therapy, BPC-157 can increase collagen production, help with blood vessel development, reduce inflammation, and improve joint health. 


This synthetic peptide can help treat type 2 diabetes or assist with swift weight loss by reducing appetite and regulating blood sugar.  

Melanotan II

These peptides increase the production of melanin, a pigment, in your skin. This can protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light and reduce your risk of skin cancer. 


This peptide primarily treats sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, by stimulating melanocortins. Melanocortins are hormones that drive your sexual desire and can also reduce pain. 

Call Titan Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online to review options for peptide therapy today.